What does this task do?

This task compares the value of a timeseries against a threshold throughout a given window. If the timeseries exceeds the threshold for more than a specified amount (activity_threshold), the task fails. Othewise, it passes.

This logic can be inverted (timeseries less than a threshold to fail) via additional command line arguments.

What are its return states?

  • pass

  • fail

  • error

How was it reviewed?

THIS HAS NOT BEEN REVIEWED! Until it is, it will only be allowed to return human_input_needed and therefore will always end up in a bad_state.

What INI options, config files are required?

  • active_value (float)

    • the threshold applied to the timeseries to determine when it is active

  • window (float)

    • a symmetric window about the gps time defining amount of time searched (gps+/-window)

  • activity_threshold (float)

    • the fraction of the window used as a threshold to determine pass/fail states

  • invert (bool)

    • whether or not to invert the logic. If True, then we check that the timeseries is below active_value instead of above it.

  • delay (float)

    • the number of seconds to wait before querying data. This allows us to reasonably guarantee that data is discoverable through standard tools (gw_data_find).

  • channel (string)

    • the requested channel

  • frame_type (string)

    • the frame type that contains the requested channel

Are there any derived tasks that are based on this one?

The following are provided with slightly different tasknames (JSON report filenames) to allow users to specify different vectors for each IFO and assign each a separate toggle.

  • H1 checkvector

  • L1 checkvector

  • V1 checkvector