Shift Reports

What does this task do?

This task posts links to the relevant Data Quality Shift pages and Summary Pages for this event based on its gps time.

What are its return states?

  • human_input_needed

  • error

How was it reviewed?

This has not been reviewed!

How should results be interpreted?

For each linked Data Quality Shift report (LLO and LHO) review the report and associated alog entries for:

  • Anomalous site activity coincident with or potentially related to the trigger

  • Changes in data quality at either site that may impact background and/or likelihood estimations

  • Newly defined or proposed data quality vetoes that may overlap with the trigger time

Evaluate the impact of any of these observations on the trigger (significance estimate, skymap, or other trigger properties).

What INI options, config files are required?

  • ifo (string, optional)

    • the IFO for which this should be run.

Are there any derived tasks that are based on this one?

  • H1 shiftreport

  • L1 shiftreport