The summaryreview executable allows the user to check that the outputs from the module agrees with the cbcBayesPostProc executable provided from the LALSuite package. Once the summaryreview executable has run, a single html page is generated containing the plots from both PESummary and cbcBayesPostProc.

To see help for this executable please run:

$ summaryreview --help
usage: summaryreview [-h] [-w DIR] [-s SAMPLES]
                     [-t {all,core_plots,ligo.skymap,spin_disk}]
                     [--multi_process MULTI_PROCESS]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -w DIR, --webdir DIR  make page and plots in DIR
  -s SAMPLES, --samples SAMPLES
                        Posterior samples hdf5 file
  -t {all,core_plots,ligo.skymap,spin_disk}, --test {all,core_plots,ligo.skymap,spin_disk}
                        Review test that you wish to perform
  --multi_process MULTI_PROCESS
                        The number of cores to use when generating plots