The summaryrecreate executable is designed to allow the user to recreate the analysis that was used to generate a PESummary metafile. This executable reads the metafile, extracts the stored configuration file, psd and calibration data, and launches a job with exactly the same settings. Of course, if you would like, you are able to modify the configuration file with new/ improved settings. This can be done with the –config_override command line argument. The launched job will then use this modified configuration file. This makes it very easy for you to rerun a given analysis, but with a different signal model, or psd for example.

To see help for this executable please run:

$ summaryrecreate --help
usage: summaryrecreate [-h] -s SAMPLES [--labels LABELS [LABELS ...]]
                       [-r RUNDIR] [-c CODE] [--delimiter DELIMITER]
                       [--config_override CONFIG_OVERRIDE [CONFIG_OVERRIDE ...]]

This executable is used to recreate the analysis which was used to generate
the posterior samples stored in the metafile

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s SAMPLES, --samples SAMPLES
                        Path to the PESummary file which stores the analysis
                        you wish to recreate.
  --labels LABELS [LABELS ...]
                        labels used to distinguish runs
  -r RUNDIR, --rundir RUNDIR
                        The run directory of the analysis
  -c CODE, --code CODE  The sampling software you wish to run
  --delimiter DELIMITER
                        Delimiter used to seperate the existing and new
  --config_override CONFIG_OVERRIDE [CONFIG_OVERRIDE ...]
                        Changes you wish to make to the configuration file.
                        Must be in the form `key:item` where key is the entry
                        in the config file you wish to modify, ':' is the
                        default delimiter, and item is the string you wish to
                        replace with.

GW190425 example

Below is an example on how to recreate the PhenomPNRT-HS analysis that was done for GW190425 but changing the approximant, roq and webdir settings:

$ curl -o GW190425_posterior_samples.h5
$ PWD=`pwd`
$ summaryrecreate --rundir ./rerun --samples GW190425_posterior_samples.h5 \
                  --config_override roq:False webdir:${PWD}/webpage approx:IMRPhenomPv2pseudoFourPN \
                  --labels PhenomPNRT-HS --code lalinference